Tumbling Classes

Class Information 

  • Classes are 55 min long. Stretch class is 30 min long

  • Classes have 8 kids per coach. 

  • Trial classes are offered for all classes with opening. Trials are $10

Class Schedule: 

Beginning Level 1: 5:00-Nix , 5:30-Kelly
Advance Level 1: 6:30 - Kelly
Level 2: 5:30-Micheal
Level 3: 6:00- Nix
Level 4/5: 7:00-Micheal

Beginning Level 1: 6:30-Kassity , 6:30-Erica
Advance Level 1: 6:00-Judge
Level 2: 7:00-Judge
Level 3: 5:00-Nix
Level 4/5: 6:00-Nix

Beginning Level 1: 4:30-Judge , 6:00-Nix
Advance Level 1: 4:00-Daylise , 5:00-Kelly
Level 2: 4:30-Nix , 5:30-Judge
Level 3: 6:30-Judge

Beginning Level 1: 4:30-Judge , 5:30- Dan
Advance Level 1: 5:00- Erica
Level 2: 4:00- Dan
Level 3: 6:00-Erica
Level 4/5: 6:30-Dan

Class Description:

Below is a list of the skill learned in each level!

Beginning Level 1
Handstand step down, Handstand snap down, Handstand forward roll, Left/Right cartwheel, Forward/Backward roll, Roundoff rebound, Backbend Kickover

Advance Level 1
Back walkover, Front walkover, Roundoff backhandspring, Standing backhandspring

Level 2
Round off backhandspring, Standing backhandspring, Series backhandspring, Front handspring, Round off 3 backhandsprings, Standing 2 backhandsprings, Front walkover roundoff backhandspring, Backhandspring stepout roundoff backhandspring

Level 3
Front handspring, round off tuck, Punch front, Roundoff backhandspring tuck, standing 1 or 2 backhandspring tuck

Level 4/5
Roundd off backhandspring layout, Standing tucks, Fulls, Doubles, Whips, Specialty, Arabians, Standing fulls, Standing backhandspring full



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